This is Polyphony's oldest feature. The compositions module is a robust database for you to keep track of music you create. With this module, you can:

  1. Have automatically generated webpages for each composition accessible via human-readable urls such as 
  2. Showcase scores and audio for each piece
  3. Link to SoundCloud
  4. Embed Issuu Scores
  5. Link to the ASCAP database for your piece if it is registered through them
  6.  Hide any projects that you'd like to keep track of, but don't want to display publicly.
  7. Link to the Polyphony Events module to keep track of performances
  8. Sell your scores online via Divisi Labs' shared storefront experience. (coming soon!)

and much more.....

This module is receiving constant updates all the time. Have a feature you'd like? Share the idea with us and we will consider adding it!