Setting up DNS settings can certainly seem intimidating, but if you follow the instructions listed below we guarantee that you'll find it easy to manage.

1) Login to your registrar's website using your authentication method of choice.

2) Select DNS options for the domain name you are seeking to alter.

3) Find a section, or sub-section labeled Custom resource records  (or CR on older Registrars)

4) In this section, you will create two records:

5) The first will be a 'Type A' Record (NOT AAA)  using '@' as the name of this record, and you will point this resource to the IP address your website is currently hosted on, found easily via the websites editor on the left-hand side.

6) The second will also be a 'Type A' this time using 'www' as the name of the record. This resource will also point tot eh IP address you found in the above step.

7) Save your records if prompted, and allow up to 24 hours for your DNS records to update the internet's DNS relays. If 24 hours have passed, and you still cannot access your website using your domain name please contact support.